Patience ain’t pretty

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How do you practice patience? I have decided to go on a sabbatical for a while. It was an easy choice to step away from things for a while because as an introvert, I spend most of my days like this anyway. However, the challenge in it is to understand the test of patience and the lesson to learn this time round. It is not a pretty sight. I have become a grumbler. Uggh! This is truly a thorn in my flesh. A very painful one indeed. So if you call me and you get the voicemail and text not returned, you know why.

I have been becoming easily agitated and annoyed with so many things lately and reduced to whining and complaining which is not where I want to be. I have heard the words “be patient” almost daily over the last few weeks and I take note that there is something I should learn from that. The message has been screaming LOUDLY and I can’t ignore it any longer.

I want off the treadmill of do more, see more, be more at breakneck speed caught up in the web of consumerism and meeting imposed expectations subconsciously. My adrenal glands, mind, spirit and emotions need to recover/heal from the demands I have placed on them. Nothing is that important when compared with my mental, physical and spiritual health.

I’m mostly unplugged except for blog posts and journaling which is a form of therapy for me. I do apologize if it took some of you by surprise, but most of you know me well enough by now to know that I do this from time to time. It is necessary so that I remain the loving and generous person you know me to be. The grumbler you would not enjoy having around lol.

Prayers needed and accepted. Thank you.