photo source: pixabay.com

photo source: pixabay.com

It is 2:45 a.m. and I am awake praying for a few people that came to mind. I was praying for them to know what the abundant life would look like for them, what it would mean to them. In the Bible, John 10:10 we are told we can have life abundantly. Whoa! Abundantly? Abundantly… Abundantly!

Then I reflected back on a a paragraph I read earlier that talked about the vastness of the sky, the constant flow of the ocean’s tide, tiny grains of sand and the countless drops of rain. What a wonder!

And while abundance and prosperity can mean money, it can mean so much more. And it can mean different things to each one of us. For me my abundance is in having peaceful relationships, the laughter of my parents and siblings, the love of my husband, the smile of my children, the kisses from my grandchildren, the gratitude from my students, the list goes on.

Having the basic things in life knowing it comes and it goes does not show me how abundant my life is, but the quality of everything and everyone around me does. How do you define abundance?