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Perspective is so important to grasp when wondering why things happen or why people don’t do things the way you expect them to. Everyone has a way of looking at things from their own lens. Sometimes are view is correct, but sometimes it is way off base.

For example, if you like to receive gifts and you don’t understand why someone does not give them to you, it might not be that they are selfish. It might me that they didn’t have the money to buy it, they didn’t know what to buy to your standards, and perhaps what you like and will accept is out of their price range.

If you like being affirmed but someone doesn’t give you the praise you are seeking, perhaps they fear criticism for what they can offer and decide to affirm you from afar, maybe they don’t know what to say that will make you feel like a million bucks so they don’t say anything.

My point is that perspective is huge when we feel as if we have been slighted and not take it personal because it may not be what we are thinking at all. So the next time you are feeling some way about someone or something consider throwing entitlement and expectation out the window because there are volumes of perspectives to be embraced. And who knows, the very thing you were expecting or feeling entitled to you just might get afterall.

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