Go through it, to dilute it

I was listening to a speech and one line that caught my attention was “go through it, to dilute it”. The phrase caught my attention because I thought about a conversation I was having with one of my soror sisters today and we were complaining about an issue. The issue we both were having can only be resolved if we dilute it to something more manageable.

After some reflection we came away with a few solutions. One was to pray and stop ruminating on the issue. The other was accept that there are more options to resolve the issue even if it is not one we previously consider. Thirdly was to consider the other options if they will help resolve the issue even if they require a little more time or expense. Also accepting what is in the meantime and not burden ourselves with thoughts of negativity but know it is not permanent. Lastly we realized that by talking it over with a supportive person who will listen and encourage you helps take the pressure off a little and allow clear thinking and perhaps even a conclusion.

Ain’t nothing to it. Don’t stand and look at your Promised Land. Deal with the situation so that you can enjoy all the benefits that your Promised Land has to offer. Go through it, to dilute it.

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