A week of thankfulness in memory of my mother

During the Thanksgiving holiday week, I went home to bury my mother. She fought a good fight and now is among the ancestors.
I am especially thankful because I normally am unable to spend time with my maternal clan during the holidays due to distance. Being with them this time helped me appreciate the love of family. In spite of the differences or similarities, I value each and every person for their contribution of making our family special. My mother was a woman who encouraged everyone and it is the gift she passed on to me. During a circle of thankfulness, I reminded everyone to:
Forgive often.
Let the past stay in the past.
Talk about hurts but celebrate joys.
Tell stories.
Take pictures.
Tell one another how much you love them.
Unburden self and let go of judgement.
Prepare well for “rainy” days.
Appreciate every family member.
Practice gratitude.
Ignore drama.
Be kind.
Rest body and mind.