Grieving and grace

It has been almost two months since my mother passed away. Most stats note that it takes two years to “get over” the loss of a loved one. I am nowhere near that timeline, so I cannot say if it will be the same for me. I’ve known loss, but not the loss my mother, who I was very close to.

What has happened so far is unannounced crying spells, prolonged sadness, bursts of joy, anxiety, anger, ruminating the last memory of words mom spoke to me, feeling distant, and hope that I am processing my grief as to be expected. I believe I have been given grace so that I can press on like my mother would want me to.

Two years to a grieving person feels like an eternity. The memories of the dearly departed is what keeps me on the lookout for the turns up ahead. Telling myself healing words, supporting others who are grieving, reading inspirational material, being still, meditating, praying, journaling, drawing, and receiving support from loved ones keeps me going. Next stop… healed and joyful.