Praying for Peace and Justice

The following is a post I wrote on Facebook in response to the various emotions that are flowing through me at this time. Seeing what is going on in our nation with Black people being murdered by law enforcement is very disturbing.

We pray, we protest, we sing, we cry, we dance, we enforce, we retreat, we kill, we are killed, we talk, we give birth, we make love, we fight, we mobilize, we vote,we expatriate, we bear arms, we revenge, we ignore, we unplug, we blame, we love, we hate, we get angry, we calm down, we go through all the motions of what we know is humanely right and respond accordingly, we just be who we be… and it still ain’t enough. The invisible force still finds a way to seep in. On my Facebook page I posted a few musical selections that came to mind (there were many more) but I wanted to cover everyone with something that might speak to you and where you are at mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

There are better ways to do this. There has to be. Praying for Peace and Justice.

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