Giving yourself permission


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Ok so I am part of a coaching challenge for 30 days.  The first two phrases the founder of the challenge told participants is “give yourself permission to be a beginner” and ” give yourself permission to ask questions”.  The following day I heard this same phrase from a teacher mentor and then that following evening I heard it again.  I was like ” ok God, I am listening and will obey”.

I am a wounded healer, essentially a work in progress.  On the fifth day of the challenge I discovered that I had been wounded from being shamed in my childhood by some girls my age which caused me shame, fear, etc.  This fear has permeated every area of my life. I’m talking health, wealth, spiritual life, business, etc. But I had no idea this is where my fear had its roots.  Until yesterday.


Now I understand my reactions or responses to fear when it shows up.  I also understand how to process it and give myself permission to be ok with not being “perfect” but giving my best effort.  If it’s seventy percent so be it. Will I hit my target every time? No and it’s all good.  It’s an effort towards progress.  Progress, steady motion, is what I am striving for, not perfection.  So just for today, I employ  you with the question; what are you giving yourself permission to do or be ok with? Get free!


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