Vegan challenge week 1

Week one of a healthier me by way of a vegan challenge…check!  What is vegan eating?  Simply eating a plant based diet.  The challenge is ramped up though because it also consists of no oil, no sugar and no wheat flour.  My biggest weakness has always been french fries but more on that later.


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It was not difficult to cook tasty and filling meals but getting the daily nutrition requirements according to numbers on Cronometer was challenging.  I surely would need to eat a lot of green vegetables to meet my quota.  I can say that I managed week one with starches such as brown rice and beans.  Towards the end of the week I increased my green veggies and was only lacking because I needed to make a grocery run.

I love, can I say LOVE again lol, french fries.  I can eat them morning, noon and night as a quick go to food. This of course with a savory African stew with rice is a second best. The struggle is real ok!  I want those fries.  But instead of giving in, I am more determined to finish strong.  So no fries.  Or at least the crispy, oil laden ones.  I will find a way to make a crispy potatoe with no oil.

I am having so much fun finding recipes for oil-less cooking.  I have followed a vegetarian eating plan in the past and did it for nearly three years. I reverted back to meat eating out of convenience and my then children who were eating hamburgers while out and coming home to tell me about it.

Now that I have become determined and committed to a healthier me, it’s time to shed a few pounds and feel better. So the desire to participate in the vegan challenge was born. I had no idea the beautiful thing people are doing with fruits and veggies nowadays. There are so many nutritious recipes that are reminiscent of food we already may be eating but prepared without the meat.  Cooked vegetarian meals or completely uncooked.  Who knew that entire meals can be prepared with no time on the stove.  I’m not there yet, but who knows.  Maybe that will be a goal in the near future.

When the challenge is over, I don’t know if I will maintain the oil-less cooking but so far I am not missing the oil although it does add a nice flavor and consistency to the meal.

I hope you will try out vegan recipes for yourself.  Here’s to a new you.  Cheers!


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