Week 2 Vegan challenge

Time is flying on the challenge.  I thought it would go by slow and have me craving fatty and sweet snacks but I am pleasantly surprised that it went rather smoothly until today.  Today I wanted something sweet after dinner and fruit was not it lol.  I decided that a vegan cookie with no sugar or oil would stomp out my craving so I head over to Whole Foods store.  To my disappointment, they had cookies galore but one or the other or both added.  It didn’t matter if is was prepackaged or in the freshly baked section.  I left the store with a few green teas drinks sweetened with stevia and let’s just say, that was not what I had in mind.  Which brings me to my next point.

Making a sugar and oil free cookie could be simple if only I had the food processor and shredded carrots, dates or raisins and more walnuts.  Add to the mix some oats and I would have had a nice treat using only whole food ingredients. Oh well, if this is going to be a lifestyle I will get better at it as time goes on.

I do not have a scale (yet) but people are noticing that I have slimmed down in my face.  I can’t wait until the slimming effect flows down to the rest of my body.  I’m excited about the change.  I recently got new glasses too, so I’m looking rather chic I might add 🙂

One side effect I noticed is that I got an outbreak of micro sized bumps/rash on my inner thighs and front thigh.  It dried up in two days to tiny rough patches.  And the bag of Fritos that I shouldn’t have eaten at the staff luncheon, showed up in a large pimple on my chin.  Not cute at all.


photo source: https://pixabay.com/en/salad-lenses-vegetables-vegetarian-1804441/

All in all, I am having fun on the journey, feeling happier and more energetic.  Still don’t know if I could do raw vegan at this point.  If or when I do, I will make sure I am armed with a food processor or Ninja bullet where I can make dressings for salads and also get carrots and other plant foods to the consistency for a variety of recipes.

Until next week, bon appetit!

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