Week 3 vegan challenge

Alright so week three, I am losing weight and feeling awesome.  I got a little bored with the meals I was cooking when I didn’t want anymore beans or simple vegetable dishes but vowed that I would keep up with this lifestyle.  It’s been rewarding so far.  Also I am discovering how alert and attuned I am to eating and meal preparations.  All in all I am having fun deciding what to cook next.  I am also deciding when will I carve out time to exercise regularly.


This is a breakfast tortilla I made this morning.


You may have wondered what have I been eating.  I’ve been eating fruit, rolled oats, hearty soups, bean stews, rice and beans, veggies on sprouted grains tortillas and green smoothies to say the least.


I challenge you to go vegan for seven days and tell me about your experiences.

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