Week 4 vegan challenge

Good news!  I’ve lost twelve pounds and two inches from my waist.  I’m happy with the result and excited to continue.  I’ve also signed up for Beachbody through the challenge to help shed some more of the unhealthy weight from a sedentary lifestyle and mediocre eating habits.

Check out my food porn iff you need some inspiration to get started.  These are some more meals I prepared. I did not post that pasta soup that I thought would be like a Vietnamese Pho but the end result was an super thick sauce over pasta.  The flavor was decent but the look was totally different than what I envisioned.  Getting delicious meals that look appealing too is trial and error.  I blame that pasta on being brown rice pasta lol. Oil-free cooking ain’t no joke, forced me to get mad creative.  If I am able to master African vegan meals oil-free then I will definitely be a cuisine boss for real!

I’ll keep you updated on my progress on a monthly basis.  Thanks for following me on the challenge to a healthier me.

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