Sweet rest part 2


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Have you ever been exhausted?  What did you experience from your fatigue?  Was it forgetfulness? Low energy?

Here I am writing about rest again.  I must be missing the mark somewhere because my life is definitely telling me to chill out.  I am looking forward to the vacation and time away from teaching as we embark upon spring break.  Rest is long overdue and very necessary.   I have one project to work on while taking a little R&R and plan to soak up as much fun and be fully present.

That brings me to my next point.  I booked the reservation at the wrong hotel and did not realize it until less than 48 hours before traveling.  I’m a little miffed over it but I made the booking while fatigued late at night and did not check it over until today.  I started to feel disappointment but quickly changed my view on it and appreciate that I can still vacation, spend time with my husband and relax. I will stick with the reservation because at this point it will require many pieces of the vacation to be rescheduled and re-booked which ultimately lead to spending additional money.

Lesson learned.  Slow down.  Read and re-read the details and fine print before booking.  And by all means get some mental and physical rest.


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