Jazzing June

Jazzing June

Here is a little about where I am at right now.  It’s a reminder and an excuse to write which is therapy for me.  Hope you find it as cool as I do.

Drinking: Water, need to drink more of it regularly

Listening: The sound of a fan

Smelling: The aroma of the light soup and jasmine rice for my husband’s dinner

Wanting: A sweet treat, this Kashi almond bar will suffice

Reading: Blogs

Wondering: Why must I have this allergy/cold right now

Deciding: What gift to get for Father’s day

Wishing: That my mom was still alive and that I was going to Cameroon for summer vacation

Enjoying: The freedom of summer break for teachers and students (starts in a few days)

Waiting: To kick my exercise routine up a notch and get back to clean vegan eating

Liking: Having braided hair as a low maintenance hairstyle

As a poet, I love making list poems so when I came across this style on Yes and Yes  it inspired me to do it. The blog writer is Pip.  See her’s in action at Taking Stock November






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