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I was watching videos on a topic I want to discuss on my Facebook page tonight during my 30 day live challenge. Somehow I found this video of a Cameroonian born woman speaking on a profound concept of what we pack in our suitcases.  I believe there are no coincidences and everything has a message for me.

I’m at a crossroads with a few personal things and prayed for guidance a few days ago.  I also asked the ancestors what they had for me.  Well I believe the answer showed up in this video by Beatrice Achaleke speaking on Globuntu.  She says things are “not either or, it’s as well as”.  Here is an intro into what she shares about Globuntu .

Sidebar/bunnytrail/detour here—> I also awaken to a text from my brother sharing someone on Instagram who is vegan and happens to be Cameroonian.  I was over to moon with joy to know there are other Africans who are also vegan.

Back to story.  So as I venture out today to experience the first step in my shift in consciousness, I am going with my suitcase intact.  I will carry it with me more proudly and mindfully that I don’t need or want to accept the suitcase that awaits.  Although I am not Cameroonian born (I’m African-American with some Cameroonian and Nigerian dna which I’m proud of) I resonate with the speaker.

Take away lesson, if you find yourself in a conflict remember the things in your suitcase.  They are your culture.  It is healing to use them or go back to them.  It is what makes you who you are.  Don’t dismiss it.  Embrace it.  It can be your saving grace that catapults you to your best life ever.



6 thoughts on “Profound wisdom from a suitcase

  1. Than you for this reminder to use every tool available to us. Some we may have packed away: values that were passed down to us from family. Unpack your tools and use them with pride.

  2. Oh wow Yvette!
    I love this post.
    It is healing to me. I love how you started that “if you find yourself in a conflict remember the things in your suitcase.”

    I will always remember that.

    Thanks sis for your comforting words❤️


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