Commanding your morning

Sometimes in order to heal or get into a new pattern we must first change our minds, our thinking.  I read a book written by Cindy Trimm titled “Commanding Your Morning” and it was a game changer in my prayer and thought life.  It reads like a short nonfiction book.  She discusses how our thinking affects what happens in our life and the outcome we receive from it.  The book also notes that the time of day (early like 5 a.m.) is when we have the opportune time to commune with God and hear what He has for us in those still moments.   To find it, click  


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I also have the daily devotional which I started reading again which has daily scriptures, encouragement and then a declarative/affirmative prayer.  If you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool to help you command your morning, then this is a top notch resource I would recommend.  To find it, click

It is hope that you will be inspired today to command your morning.  It’s yours!  Seize the moment now.



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