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Quotes that inspire

I appreciate a good quote anytime.  In my new job there are quotes everywhere in the building used to inspire students (and staff).  As a life coach and someone on the constant look out for inspiration, it is great to be among the halls and walls of literal inspiration.

As we embark upon a new school year (and new school for me), I have been extremely nervous, overwhelmed and downright unprepared with the multitude of things to learn and master.  It is a blow to my confidence.  But I know I will get there.

Jeff Moore is a life coach. I became acquainted with his work after watching a TedTalk he did and also on a fellow bloggers page and life coach, who now has become like family  Marie Abanga).  As I read over these quotes, number thirteen stood out the most.  Read through them and let me know which one stood out for your and why.

Enjoy Jeff Moore’s quote list here .



This entry was posted on September 2, 2017.