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I appreciate a good quote anytime.  In my new job there are quotes everywhere in the building used to inspire students (and staff).  As a life coach and someone on the constant look out for inspiration, it is great to be among the halls and walls of literal inspiration.

As we embark upon a new school year (and new school for me), I have been extremely nervous, overwhelmed and downright unprepared with the multitude of things to learn and master.  It is a blow to my confidence.  But I know I will get there.

Jeff Moore is a life coach. I became acquainted with his work after watching a TedTalk he did and also on a fellow bloggers page and life coach, who now has become like family  Marie Abanga).  As I read over these quotes, number thirteen stood out the most.  Read through them and let me know which one stood out for your and why.

Enjoy Jeff Moore’s quote list here .



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I have met with some people who said to me “Whitney i’m sorry but i can’t laugh nor enjoy my life. My problems are consuming me.” Even when I try to tickle them. They focus intensely on finding a solution and they won’t relax or enjoy life until the problems are solved. I often wonder; […]

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Beauty and wellness can be seen outwardly.  They are also seen inwardly.  Why not make it an inside and outside job.  In this video you will hear Bukola speak declarations about inner beauty and wellness from her book, I Declare.  I’m sure you will like what you hear.  Check out one of her video

To pick up your copy of the book, go to

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Commanding your morning

Sometimes in order to heal or get into a new pattern we must first change our minds, our thinking.  I read a book written by Cindy Trimm titled “Commanding Your Morning” and it was a game changer in my prayer and thought life.  It reads like a short nonfiction book.  She discusses how our thinking affects what happens in our life and the outcome we receive from it.  The book also notes that the time of day (early like 5 a.m.) is when we have the opportune time to commune with God and hear what He has for us in those still moments.   To find it, click  


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I also have the daily devotional which I started reading again which has daily scriptures, encouragement and then a declarative/affirmative prayer.  If you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool to help you command your morning, then this is a top notch resource I would recommend.  To find it, click

It is hope that you will be inspired today to command your morning.  It’s yours!  Seize the moment now.



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I am… vegan


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For this transformational Thursday talk, I want to tell you about my transformative weight loss.  I’m down 20 pounds since Jan and would have lost more if I was more diligent to a fitness routine (but more on that later).
In Dec of 2016, I decided after the Christmas overeating that I would go vegan.  I had been vegetarian over ten years ago for about two years so leaving the meat out wasn’t a big transition.  In Jan 2017 though, the huge transition came when I was invited to be part of a 30 Vegan Fitness challenge.  Hey no sweat, I could do this effortlessly…so I thought.  The caveat to the vegan fitness was no oil, no refined wheat, no sugar etc.
The wheat wasn’t an issue, nor the sugar except the 1 time I got a craving lol and then made some no bake cookies from oats, raisins, peanut butter and agave.  The other sweet tooth cravings were satisfied with “nice” cream made from frozen bananas.  But oh, the difficult part that brought me to my knees was giving up the oil because I just didn’t want food saute’d in water lol.
Fast forward within 3 weeks I saw 8 pounds gone, more energy, and a new appreciation for life and myself.  I stuck with it and at the end of the challenge I had shed 13 pounds.
I kept going with it, eating food saute’d in oil every now and then and noticed the effect it would have on my energy and body.  I felt tired and bloated.  Everytime I choose to eat something that is a no-no due to convenience or social reasons, I end up feeling blah.
That is not who God created me to be.  The word tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  The word also tells us that we can have the abundant life and let plants be our medicine. I want to live the best life possible and be in good health so I have started exercising again which I will maximize during this 5 week summer break from teaching.  Also I have recommitted to eating healthier vegan options again because for a minute there I easily went down the unhealthy vegan trail.
My message to you tonight is that you don’t have to be vegan in order to get fit, but it is what I chose.   And it works for me.  In whatever you do in life in an area where your want transformation, find what works for you.  I pray you God’s best for your life.
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What do you do when you are overwhelmed?  What do you do when your faith is shattered?  What do you do with disappointment and let down?  What makes you move past frustration?


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When setting goals for a more improved life, believing it will change or get better is part of it and then you will start to see it.  It may take minutes, it may takes hours or years.  Keep believing.  You will get there. Apply steps towards your progress. Mind over matter

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Profound wisdom from a suitcase



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I was watching videos on a topic I want to discuss on my Facebook page tonight during my 30 day live challenge. Somehow I found this video of a Cameroonian born woman speaking on a profound concept of what we pack in our suitcases.  I believe there are no coincidences and everything has a message for me.

I’m at a crossroads with a few personal things and prayed for guidance a few days ago.  I also asked the ancestors what they had for me.  Well I believe the answer showed up in this video by Beatrice Achaleke speaking on Globuntu.  She says things are “not either or, it’s as well as”.  Here is an intro into what she shares about Globuntu .

Sidebar/bunnytrail/detour here—> I also awaken to a text from my brother sharing someone on Instagram who is vegan and happens to be Cameroonian.  I was over to moon with joy to know there are other Africans who are also vegan.

Back to story.  So as I venture out today to experience the first step in my shift in consciousness, I am going with my suitcase intact.  I will carry it with me more proudly and mindfully that I don’t need or want to accept the suitcase that awaits.  Although I am not Cameroonian born (I’m African-American with some Cameroonian and Nigerian dna which I’m proud of) I resonate with the speaker.

Take away lesson, if you find yourself in a conflict remember the things in your suitcase.  They are your culture.  It is healing to use them or go back to them.  It is what makes you who you are.  Don’t dismiss it.  Embrace it.  It can be your saving grace that catapults you to your best life ever.



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Stepping stones


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. 

I am reading an email that is very encouraging to the subscribers.  In it are words that encourage me and the other readers to take steps to reach our goals.  Here are the steps:

  1. Decide who you want to be
  2. What you want to be doing
  3. How you want your life to be
  4. Take STEPS to make it happen

This is a very simple formula and manageable if consistent.  Once new goals/ideas are put into action the old ones that no longer serve you will start to fall away simply because you are focusing less time on them.  The new ones take priority and require more time and attention.  You may stumble, fall off, get frustrated, maybe even want to quit. Having a support team or accountability partners who encourage you will help you stay focused if you need it.  Sometimes just doing it solo is the way to go to because it’s less pressure and less of a distraction.

Keep stepping, you will get there. 



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Jazzing June

Jazzing June

Here is a little about where I am at right now.  It’s a reminder and an excuse to write which is therapy for me.  Hope you find it as cool as I do.

Drinking: Water, need to drink more of it regularly

Listening: The sound of a fan

Smelling: The aroma of the light soup and jasmine rice for my husband’s dinner

Wanting: A sweet treat, this Kashi almond bar will suffice

Reading: Blogs

Wondering: Why must I have this allergy/cold right now

Deciding: What gift to get for Father’s day

Wishing: That my mom was still alive and that I was going to Cameroon for summer vacation

Enjoying: The freedom of summer break for teachers and students (starts in a few days)

Waiting: To kick my exercise routine up a notch and get back to clean vegan eating

Liking: Having braided hair as a low maintenance hairstyle

As a poet, I love making list poems so when I came across this style on Yes and Yes  it inspired me to do it. The blog writer is Pip.  See her’s in action at Taking Stock November






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