Shine your eyes o

Ok, this post is not about having discernment in that sense but now that I have your attention :), let’s carry on, shall we?  It’s summer time and eye health is not one of those things that I hear people talking about regularly.  Since I wear eyeglasses and need them to function daily, these tips from Pearle Vision at Yorktown Mall will be something that I start implementing for optieyeglasses-1245879_1920mal eye health.  Here are the three tips that were sent to me today.

  • Reduce computer-related eyestrain with 20/20/20. For every 20 minutes of screen time, look 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds.
  • Shade your eyes from the sun. UV rays can cause irreversible damage to your eyes, so be sure to wear sunglasses whenever you are out and about.
  • Feed your eyes with foods high in lutein, omega-3 fatty acids or lycopene. Eggs, nuts, carrots, spinach, watermelon, papaya and fish are all eye-healthy choices.

All three tips are helpful which will require me to shop for a stunning pair of sunglasses.  I also need to practice lifting my eyes up from my computer and most definitely ramp up the intake of nuts and watermelon.

Which tips will your incorporate?

Til soon,


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