My lamentation

I’ve not been posting for a while due to a lot of life changes going on, primarily grieving my mother while she has been ill.  I’ve flown to my hometown and back to my place of residence and now back to Detroit again.  It has been very difficult on my entire family.  I don’t show all my emotions or all of what I am thinking about situations, I never have.  But my mother being ill has really zapped me to my knees and sends me to tears many a days.  Since I do not reside in Detroit, it is even more difficult on me to live in another state and wanting my mother to know I would like to be with her all the time if I were able.  Anyway, the point of this post is to say that grief and support can be shown in many ways.  Writing this post helped me to deal with my grief because I can express my thoughts and feelings without direct judgement. I am reminded of Lamentations 3:31-58 (see

To all those going through a similar experience, I hope that you find the support you need to stay strong and grieve as part of healing.